‘the challenge: rivals ii’ cast revealed!

The state of relationships on “The Challenge” is never peachy keen, but to ensure there’s enough tension to properly stir the upcoming Thailand season’s pot, MTV decided to once again toss a bunch of “Rivals” into a pressure cooker, with teams of two enemies each competing for a ton of $$$. Get ready for the circus, people.

The reasoning behind the list of duos below includes a nice mix of old-school beefs and some relatively new ish, but the one pairing we’re most excited to see make the cut, CT and Wes, harbor issues that bubbled over during the first “Rivals” season. We’re crossing our fingers that the few years their BS was allowed to fester will spark another 9-hour scream fest!

And because no “Challenge” would be complete without at least a few pieces of fresh meat to serve as punching bags, we’re happy to learn that “Real World” enemies Jordan and Marlon, as well as Jessica and Anastasia, have thrown their rookie hats into the ring. Can’t wait to see how the delicate Portland girls will handle being chucked into the lion’s den with the likes of powerhouses AneesaCamila and Paula!

Check out the full list of teams, and let us know who you think is most likely to take it all the way!

The guys:

CT & Wes: “The Challenge: Rivals”

Jordan & Marlon: “Real World: Portland”

Ty & Leroy: “The Challenge: Rivals”

Knight & Preston: “Real World: New Orleans”

Zach & Trey: “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”

Dunbar & Tyrie: “The Challenge: The Island”

Frank & Johnny: These two haven’t met — yet — but their Twitter beef is pretty hefty.

Derek & Robb: “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”

The ladies:

Paula & Emily: “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”

Sarah & Trishelle: “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”

Nany & Jonna: “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”

Cooke & Naomi: “Real World: Las Vegas”

Camila & Jemmye: “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”

Anastasia & Jessica: “Real World: Portland”

Diem & Aneesa: “The Challenge: The Duel”

Jasmine & Theresa: “The Challenge: Rivals”