The cast of ‘degrassi’ nominate fellow cast members for mtv movie awards ‘best kiss’

The Cast Of ‘Degrassi’ Nominate Fellow Cast Members For MTV Movie Awards ‘Best Kiss’

Cherylann Nesbitt,

Melinda Shankar

The MTV Movie Award for ‘Best Kiss‘ might actually be our favourite award of the night! You never know what could happen when two actors that have already shared a kiss on screen share the stage to accept the golden popcorn! We’ve seen Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson tease the audience with an almost-kiss and we’ve even seen Pattinson kiss ‘Twilight’ co-star Taylor Lautner. And that’s exactly the kind of action we expect for the big night!

With ‘Degrassi‘ now being on MTV we got to thinking about which cast members would fit in perfectly right next to Hollywood’s finest when it came to accepting an award for best kiss.

Think about it—these kids have had their fair share of experience kissing. And considering they’re only in high school they’re doing a pretty amazing job, but it’s probably because they aren’t actually kids, they’re actors. Which is why we think they deserve some recognition and since most of the cast would know first-hand who is actually the best at kissing, we left it up to them to pick who they think should win!

Check out the clip below to find out who Melinda, Aislinn, AJ, Jess, Luke and Cristine picked for best kiss and don’t miss the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Sunday night at 9e/6p on MTV!