The ‘buckwild’ ride continues with a second season!

You can finally breathe easy, “BUCKWILD” fans. When the show’s finale airs on Thursday night, it will not be the last we see of West Virginia’s most raucous bunch. It’s official: ShainAshley and their bull ridin’, tire rollin’ cronies will be back on MTV for a second season! And if the first one was any indication, we are in for one hell of a sequel.

But first things first: There are some loose ends to tie up before we can even think about next season. What’s going to happen with Katie and Tyler? Are Shain and Cara mere moments away from a hookup? And most importantly, will Anna get the chance to throw down with a neon-haired neighbor one last time? Hopefully we’ll find out the answers to all that and then some on Thursday! Funnnn.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest on Season 2, and check out the sneak peek below of Thursday night’s finale!