The beginning of rogwoww: a love story

We all watched Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews ride the waves of their once-rocky relationship: Back in Seaside Heights, curse words were spewed, screaming matches ensued and innocent duck phones got pummeled.

Truth is, RogWOWW fought hard, and they loved hard. In the midst of the madness, there were hugs, kisses, sweet nothings, one very unforgettable engagement… and now, a sweet baby girl. As we get ready for the fourth (and final! tear) season of “Snooki & JWOWW,” let us fondly look back on the beginnings of their relationship that stemmed from Season 3 of “Jersey Shore.”

Just friends…at first

Jenni’s relationship with psycho-robber Tom was winding down when she started hanging out (as friends, mind you!) with Roger. In the words of Jenni, “I honestly feel that Tom just pushed me into Roger’s arms. He pushed me away to the point where I want to see where it goes with Roger.” Thank goodness Tom did, otherwise we wouldn’t be blessed with adorable photos of Meilani!

Feeling ‘infatuated’

A successful double date with Snooki solidified JWOWW and Roger as a couple. “I’m infatuated with this kid,” Jenni said. “And I really don’t miss Tom.” Yeah, we didn’t miss him, either.

A (minor) setback

In the beginning, it was definitely tough for RogWOWW to score alone time. The proof: the above clip, in which it’s crystal clear that Roger is the popular kid in Seaside. A solo dinner outing was laden with Roger’s date-crashin’ buddies, much to Jenni’s dismay. But perhaps the evening set the precedent for RogWOWW — if they could survive an unexpected disaster early on, they can make it through anything!

Did you expect Jenni and Roger to last? Comment with your thoughts, and catch the “Snooki & JWOWW” season premiere tomorrow night at 10e/7p!