The ‘are you the one? ’ newbies compare themselves to season 1’s crew

The new crew on “Are You the One?” is embarking on a journey to find their perfect matches just like the love hopefuls from last season, but that’s not all the two groups have in common.

MTV News sat down with several of the newbies and asked who they think they’re most like from Season 1. Among the girls, Adam’s perfect match (aka Chris’ former lady love) was a popular answer.

“I’m most like Shanley,” 11th girl Christina reveals in the video below. “I think there’s a lot of characteristics that she has, and I’d think we’d be buddies.” No arguments here — we’d love to see these two in action at a White Party!

Meanwhile, Jenni picks Shanley too, but then admits she sees a couple of other former casties in herself as well. Dario is just as indecisive as the blond bombshell, saying he can’t choose between two erstwhile “AYTO” hunks. Decisions, decisions…

Watch the clip, then let us know who you think these cast members are most like from Season 1. And be sure to catch a new episode of “Are You the One?” on Monday at 10/7p!