The ‘are you the one? ’ crew react to their match-up ceremony blunder: take two

The “Are You the One?” crew experienced some major déjà vu during their sixth week in paradise: no additional beams of light at their Match-Up ceremony.



After already having one formal evening O-fer, the gang of love hopefuls seemed to be making some progress toward the $1 million prize: Curtis and Shelby were confirmed as a perfect match on last week’s episode and new romances were developing. But those victories were certainly short-lived after the group of 17 took a big move in the wrong direction. The only bright side this late in the game? They just had the equivalent of eight Truth Booths and are getting some answers about their possible connections.

Speaking of pairings, among those who science says aren’t compatible: the apple of some of the guys’ eyes Jenni and the very outspoken Layton, as well as the extremely lovable Ellie and her crush Anthony.

If you think their reactions were animated two weeks ago when the exact same events unfolded, you ain’t seen nothing yet:

Paris and Pratt

The green-eyed beauty couldn’t stay seated next to her perfect match and had to get up on her feet to properly take it all in.


That’s right, girl. ZERO.

Ellie and Anthony

“There, there. This tender back rub will make it all better.”

Ashley and Brandon

The color-coordinated duo were all sorts of chatty after they realized they weren’t a match — although we have to say we weren’t too surprised about this particular combo.

Jenni and Layton

Well, their instincts were incorrect. Back to the drawing board for this somewhat controversial duo.

Shelby and Curtis

The cutie pie Midwesterner couldn’t help but shake her head in disbelief, while the sensitive guy planted his face in his palms. Their only consolation? The handsome couple can escape the house’s madness and go back to the peaceful Honeymoon Suite.


The 11th girl wasn’t a part of the ceremony, but she was still S-H-O-C-K-E-D.

Pratt (again)

Because this bewildered face is just too good to overlook. Make sure you don’t catch any flies, buddy.

Who were you most surprised to learn aren’t meant to be? And what was your favorite reaction to the game-changing development? Sound off in the comments below!