The 8 most dramatic moments from teen mom 3 [video]

16 and Pregnant” offered us a small window into the lives of MackenzieAlexBriana and Katie, and though we got to know a bit about the struggles these brand new mothers faced during their individual episodes, that barely prepared us for the drama that followed throughout “Teen Mom 3.” Violent behavior, drug addiction, lying and take-no-crap grandmas all played a role in the first season, and we’ve highlighted eight of the most jaw-dropping moments.

Matt and Alex square off.
When Alex found out that Arabella’s father, Matt, had been talking to another girl, all hell broke loose. Matt’s temper went into overdrive as Alex’s mom tried to calm him down, and he came dangerously close to getting physical with Alex. Thankfully, Wendy put a stop to the fight before it escalated further, and made sure Matt knew he was no longer welcome in their home.

Alex learns that Matt overdosed on heroin.
Matt’s struggle with drug addiction put a pretty big burden on Alex and her family, especially since she initially wanted to work things out with him for Bellie’s sake. Though he had tried to get clean in the past, it wasn’t long after Matt returned home from rehab that he started using again, eventually falling victim to dire consequences.

Joey breaks up with Katie on her birthday.
The engaged couple tried to put their combative ways aside to celebrate Katie’s birthday in Salt Lake City, but on the drive home, a simple mention of college caused a huge argument, ending with Joey telling his fiancé to take a hike.

Katie’s mom calls the cops on Joey.
Despite Katie’s ability to hold her own with Joey most of the time, after they broke up, her mom felt the need to step in during a particularly brutal fight, calling the police when Joey tried to hightail it out of his and Katie’s apartment with Molli in tow.

Mackenzie and her mom call Josh out on his lying. 
When Mackenzie found out that Josh was lying to her about his whereabouts, she knew she needed backup from her mom in order to confront him calmly. Josh told Mackenzie he’d been pulling away because he needed a break, and Mackenzie — who had been trying so hard to save their relationship — was left dumbfounded.

Josh breaks Mackenzie’s heart on the side of the road.
En route to couples’ counseling, Mackenzie’s nagging sent Josh over the edge, and the typically stoic cowboy let his frustration get the better of him. He pulled the truck over and made it crystal clear that their relationship was over.

Roxanne unleashes her mama bear wrath on Devoin.
The Dejesus family had never been fans of Devoin, but when Briana’s ex insinuated that Briana’s own absent father clouded her judgement about what kind of people Nova needed in her life, Briana’s mom, Roxanne, finally had enough. Roxy saw red and stepped up to defend her family from his slander, and ultimately shooed him out of the house amid a flurry of cuss words and a flying vase.

Devoin ain’t exactly Mary Poppins.
The one time Devoin tried to actually step up and babysit Nova all by himself, Briana couldn’t bring herself to stray too far from the scene, and set up shop right outside the house in case anything went awry. While she was desperately missing her baby despite being only a few hundred feet away, she didn’t have to wait long for Devoin to call her for help, as he found it impossible to soothe Nova’s post-vomit crankiness.