The 7 deadly sins, as demonstrated on ‘are you the one? ’

When you thrust 20 sexy singles into a fancy Hawaii pad and dangle a million dollars in front of their eager faces, they’re bound to commit a few cardinal sins— especially when they’re tasked with doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to find their perfect match. To our delight, the “Are You the One?” housemates have done exactly that (and then some), committing a few “deadly” sins that would make the 1995 version of Brat Pitt extremely proud. Let’s review, shall we?


“Thank you, sir, may I have another?”


Lust: Any housemate who’s taken a trip to Pound Town, a visit to the Boom Boom Room or [insert alternate slang term for the knocking of boots] has been hit with the lust stick. That’s likely at least half the house, though Shanley and Chris T. are the guiltiest of all. The pair can hardly keep their hands off each other, even after Paige and Chris were revealed as a match.


Gimme one of everything!



*raises hand*


Gluttony: THE BOOZE. Hey, we get it. A little lot of liquid lubrication is needed in order to make out with chat up several eligible singles. Pizza is also necessary for perfect-match-hunting survival.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.25.06 PM

Ummm, does Simone want something?


Greed: While some housemates are driven by love (sigh), others are all about the Bennys. Simone just about had a joy-induced heart attack when she realized she was one step closer to her share of the $1M after the big Chraige reveal.


That’s what you get for trying to relax in Hawaii!


Sloth: It takes work to find your perfect match (otherwise there wouldn’t be a bazillion dating websites), and it appears some of the housemates aren’t quite up to the task. (Case and point: Chranley.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.42.34 PM


Wrath: Adam lost his Cheerios when Brittany (yet again) turned a blind eye to his lack of interest after their disastrous getaway date. Relive every single expletive here, bulging neck veins and all.


Best eye roll in the history of ever.


Envy: Shanley didn’t even attempt to mask her jealousy/bitterness/immediate-need-to-vomit when Chris T. chose Paige during their fifth Match-Up Ceremony.


Nope. Still says “Brooklyn.”


Pride: Chris S. was too proud to admit he had a thing for Paige, and instead of just telling the resident blonde up front, he tried to make her jelly by performing a big dating no-no — going after her BFF, Kayla.

Peep even more sinful shenanigans during tonight’s all-new episode at 11/10c!

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