The 11 can’t-miss video games of 2014

All those great games you played during 2013? Yeah, you can throw them right in the garbage, because the future is coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So with that in mind, these are games you’ll be dying to play in 2014:

Watch Dogs

When Ubisoft revealed that their open world hacker/espionage thriller was going to be delayed until 2014, there was a collective sigh that the next big thing was going on the back burner. Thankfully we got an excellent pirate adventure from the publisher with “Assassin’s Creed IV,” and it only helped whet our appetite for the next game from Ubisoft. This year, finally, we’re looking forward to peeping in the lives of Chicago citizens while unravelling a deep conspiracy in an effort to clear our name.


Super Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. is hella fun and a perfect party game — it’s easy enough to pick up for newbies, and is deep enough for veterans. Plus, who doesn’t love solving hypothetical battles between Samus and Captain Falcon in real life? Also, Mega Man is making a debut to challenge the classic Nintendo Pantheon, something that makes us anticipate this latest iteration even more.


Mario Kart 8

Like “Smash Bros.” above, “Mario Kart” should be a staple for any Wii U owner. Arcade racing and gut-wrenching sprints to the finish have many in a fever to get their kart on. “MK 8” should fit the bill nicely.


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Have you played “Hotline Miami?” If not, you should get right on that, son. It’s a brilliantly brutal nod to pulpy 80’s action movies and has possibly the greatest soundtrack from any game in the last five years. Like a sucker punch to the groin, the sequel is gonna be more of what made the original so great.


Dying Light

Zombies, zombies, blah blah blah. We’ve all been there and we’ve seen it all. However, “Dying Light” is shaping up to be quite the experience as players will have to survive an all new take on undead horror. Fans of Techland’s other zombie game, “Dead Island” should be sharpening their best decapitation tool for when this game rises in March.


Bayonetta 2

Someone at Nintendo really loved Platinum Games’ “Devil May Cry” homage so much that that they’re willing to risk it all by releasing a sequel to the divisive game. Over the top characters, blazing action, and an absurdly amusing story should make this a “must play.” As a Wii U exclusive, “Bayonetta 2” might also rekindle interest from “the hardcore” for the Nintendo platform.



The makers of “Halo” (a small, oft-overlooked gem) are at it again; this time with a massive, open world game featuring a dynamic experience for all players. What’s unique is that this features a continuously evolving world — kind of like an MMO — but with guns and stuff. Given the developer’s pedigree, you should expect to pick up “Destiny” when it drops in September.


The Elder Scrolls Online

Without any exaggeration, “The Elder Scrolls” series has eaten away five solid years worth of this writer’s time. Now, Bethesda’s flagship title finally throws its helm into the MMO ring, which just means we’ll be spending double that time online. If you’re slobbering for more magic, loot, exploration, and mudcrabs, then look no further. Just remember to eat an orange every now and again to stave off rickets.



Big robots? Check. Big explosions? Check. Former talent from “Call of Duty” creators who defected back to EA and created a new studio? Check and mate. A multiplayer-only arena shooter may be pigeon-holing it a bit, but “Titanfall” looks to be hitting all the right spots for a fantastic killride.


Dark Souls II

“Dark Souls” is like all the cut parts of a training montage. Instead of focusing on all the highlights, the game teaches you during every painful second. Each defeat, death, trap, and trick prepare you for one more journey into the bleak, yet disturbingly atmospheric world of dragons, demons, and every horror in between. While some may dismiss this game as “too hard,” those who persevere will be rewarded with ultimate gaming bragging rights.


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Visionary studio lead and creator Hideo Kojima is birthing an all-new take on the “Metal Gear” franchise. As the prologue to the upcoming “The Phantom Pain,” this game sets the stage of things to come. This series is well known for mood, tension, and we expect “Ground Zeroes” will be in every stealth fan’s library.

Of course, this is just a quick list of what’s been announced and we’re sure that publishers and studios have some hidden reveals up their sleeves. Only time will tell on that, but for now you better start saving up because 2014 is already looking sunny for gamers.