‘that’s what you said’ about ‘degrassi’ webisode ‘dress you up’ pt. 3



There’s only one ‘Degrassi‘ webisode left in the RBC and MTV exclusive webseries and we’re loving ALL of your answers to our questions! Last week we asked you whether or not you think having a credit card is a good idea and here’s what you had to say:

Join the conversation & you could hang with ‘Degrassi’ cast members at ‘After Degrassi’! 


Don’t forget to watch the ‘Degrassi’ and RBC ‘Dress You Up‘ webseries finale to find out if Maya makes it to the formal with Miles. Plus, answer our question in the comments section and you could end up hanging with ‘Degrassi‘ cast members at ‘After Degrassi‘!

Check out the sneak peek GIF below to see what Miles has planned for the big night and watch the webisode on MTV.ca/rbc Tuesday night at 9:30e/6:30p!

Miles in his fancy car