That’s a wrap! Scene correspondent eve sharabi shares her movie awards vip experience

That’s a Wrap! Scene Correspondent Eve Sharabi Shares Her VIP Experience

Eve Sharabi, SCENE Correspondent

Eve Sharabi on the red carpet of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The past week has been a dream. Not only was I living in a luxurious hotel, directly across from the Nokia Theatre, but I actually got the chance to really explore Los Angeles and see everything it has to offer. While my days were full from morning to night, I wouldn’t change one second of it. I was working with an incredible team and because of SCENE, we got real VIP access to everything MTV Movie Awards. When the day finally came, and the vision became reality, I was pumped and ready to take on whatever came my way.

That started with the red carpet.

I had conversations with Catfish’s Nev & Max, Snooki & JWoww, the cast of MTV’s Awkward and Faking It, Bad Grandpa’s Jackson Nicoll, Christopher Boykin aka. Big Black, Will Poulter, Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea, THE BACKSTREET BOYS & more. I even got to interview Conan O’Brien. These are all people I’ve watched on-screen or people’s music I’ve listened to and having each of them stop and give me a minute of their lives, was just incredible.

The awards themselves were amazing too! Conan’s opening cameo-video had me laughing in my seat before anything else happened. No complaints about the topless Zac Efron or the performance Rihanna and Eminem brought to the show! That might have been their first live performance of Monster, but it was so flawless I felt like they’d done it one hundred times before. Right before Channing Tatum accepted the Trailblazer Award, I bumped into Jonah Hill while walking down the hallway and not going to lie, our one-second of eye contact and sharing of a smile sort of made my night.

Eve Sharabi interviews Awkward's Beau Mirchoff

After the awards, I was in for an even bigger treat! I attended the official MTV After Party. That meant tables and tables of delicious food, a nail bar (where they legitimately had people doing your nails), and a dance floor full of celebs. I couldn’t help myself when I saw Jonathan Bennett, otherwise known as Mean Girls’ Aaron Samuels, and I had to ask for a photo. Unfortunately I didn’t work up the nerve to tell him that his hair did in fact look sexy pushed back. Maybe next time!

Eve Sharabi interviews Catfish's Nev

After spending 6 days in LA, I can safely say I’m in love. With palm-tree lined streets, beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather and constant celebrity events, you really can’t go wrong.  As I sat in my airplane seat and we started to takeoff, I stared out the window until the palm trees faded away and the mountains turned to clouds. I was fighting back tears as this has really been the greatest adventure of my lifetime, and I couldn’t bear to watch Los Angeles fade in front of my eyes.