That time 2 chainz made lil wayne cry

Though ColleGrove, released last month, was technically a 2 Chainz album, it was essentially a joint release from him and Lil Wayne: Tunechi appeared on eight of the album’s 13 songs. The decision to collaborate on this level, combined with their musical chemistry, is a reliable indication of the bond between these two. But one of the songs Wayne didn’t appear on made it even more clear.

“Dedication,” the album’s opener, is Chainz’s letter of appreciation to Weezy. “If it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be/ A lot of dudes in the game, including me,” he raps on the song’s first line, giving a taste of what’s to come.

It’s one of the more touching rapper-to-rapper tributes in recent memory — akin to Kanye West’s Jay Z homage, “Big Brother” — and Wayne was moved accordingly.

“I already tattooed some [tears] on my face, but that song made a few more drop,” Wayne told Genius, adding that the woman that he was with saw him crying and started to rub his back. “I had to text him right then and there.”

That’s friendship, guys.