Telus and much creators team up to #endbullying


Thanks to technology, we’re more connected than ever.  We can chat with friends across the world all hours of the day. It’s become an essential part of our daily lives, and for some, like our Much Creators, it’s even part of their jobs. But there can be a negative side to always being connected—more than one million kids across Canada will be cyberbullied this month.

Because of this, TELUS and a few of our favourite Much Creators have teamed up to combat and help #EndBullying.

As Internet personalities, Naomi Leanage, Tyler Shaw and Christian Cantelon of SneakterTalk are no strangers to negative and hurtful comments. In these videos, they share their first-hand experiences with bullying, offering advice on how they overcame unkind comments made online.

“I decided I wouldn’t let it get the best of me and became confident in myself,” Tyler says in his video.

“I surrounded myself with encouraging and positive people,” Naomi says.

“My reaction was to have empathy,” Christian says. “I silenced them with kindness.”

Together with TELUS, these three Creators are encouraging—and empowering—youth everywhere to stand up, join Team #EndBullying and help put an end to cyber bullying by taking the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge.

Check out their videos above, take the pledge yourself here, and tune into WE Day, airing Wednesday, November 28 at 9e/6p.