‘teen wolf’ tribute: remembering the fallen (so far) from season 4

They (meaning those in-the-know, a.k.a. not us “Teen Wolf” laymen) weren’t kidding when they said there would be blood this season. THERE’S A HIT LIST, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

We aren’t the only ones coming to terms with the Benefactor-driven bloodbath that’s befallen Beacon Hills — Scott is bound and determined to make sure no one else goes the way of dear DeMarco (and his severed head). “I don’t wanna keep watching people die,” the Alpha said during last Monday’s episode, while vowing to save everyone. “No one else dies. Wendigo or werewolf or whatever.” Let us hope that’s the case, Scott!

While our lead lycanthrope dons his Sherlock hat in order to get to the bottom of the blood-thirsty Benefactor’s identity, let us remember the fallen (good guys and baddies alike) from Season 4′s first six episodes:

R.I.P. Sean Walcott & His Wendigo Fam

The feisty flesh-eaters were killed in Episode 3 by the hatchet-wielding Mute, one of many assassins doing the Benefactor’s dirty work. May these ever-hungry cannibalistic shapeshifters rest in peace.

R.I.P. Demarco Montana

The happy-go-lucky beta wolf was simply doing his job (sorta) — delivering a keg of beer to a few underage partiers — when Violet (another assassin) lopped his head off with thermal-cut wire in exchange for $250,000. Nothing of Demarco remains except for this epic GIF.

R.I.P. Carrie Hudson



Another beta bit the dust for big cash at the request of the Benefactor. Violet turned Carrie’s left hand into a nub just before V’s P.I.C. Garrett finished her off.


R.I.P. Mute Man

This lipless terror suffered at the claws of the butthurt Peter Hale — no one slashes this former Alpha without paying for it. We’d be lying if we said we’d miss the flat-faced killer.

R.I.P. Meredith Walker

This fragile banshee held the key to each hit list and sadly committed suicide before any of the assassins could exchange her body for a million in cash. May Lydia‘s kindred supernatural spirit finally rest easy.

R.I.P. Garrett



The killer lacrosse player was little more than a chew toy for one of Kate Argent’s creepy berserker sidekicks. If we’re all being honest here, good riddance.


R.I.P. Violet



Garrett’s money-hungry buddy Violet may have been master of the thermal-cut wire, but she was no match for Kate Argent — hunter-turned-werejaguar.

Do you think Scott can save everyone, as he promises? Comment with your theories, and catch new episodes of “Teen Wolf” Monday nights at 10e/7p!