‘teen wolf’ theme song gets the bloody beetroots’ remix treatment…and we love it!


Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the artist/producer behind The Bloody Beetroots, made his acting debut on this week’s episode of ‘Teen Wolf,’ celebrating with a remix of the show’s theme song, appropriately titled, ‘Alpha Remix.’

The track, originally composed by Dino Meneghin, lent itself to the opening visuals and gave fans an electronic remix which set the tone for the episode’s upcoming Black Light Party. And who was spinning the tunes for this epic party? None other than The Bloody Beetroots himself! We have a feeling it was a good day to be on set. (Yeah, we’re totally jealous and not afraid to admit it).  

Check out the track below and if you love it as much as we do, get yourself a free download here and play on repeat for as long as you like!