‘teen wolf’ stars and fans sink their teeth into bitecon 2014! [photos]

Group a few lycanthropes together during a full moon and all hell will break loose, but join the actors and creative minds behind “Teen Wolf” with their fans, and you’ll get absolute magic. This weekend, The Bite Convention (otherwise known as “BiteCon”), the very first fan-operated meeting of the show’s viewers and cast members, descended on Los Angeles for three days of panels, meet-and-greets and even a “Howl At The Moon” dance, and by the looks of things, not even a pack of powerful Oni could have killed the good vibes.


Arden Cho thanks fans @metakate and @anargentwolf for the amazing Kira doll.

Featuring series standouts like Tyler Posey, Arden Cho and Melissa Ponzio, “Teen Wolf After After Show” host Morgan Evans and creator Jeff Davis, BiteCon boasted a winning roster, and even resurrected Sinqua Walls, Haley Webb, Eaddy Mays and Felisha Terrel, whose characters were sadly killed off. Fans had the opportunity to chat with their favorites, share some incredible artwork and Cosplay creations and even sit down to a “Teen Wolf” tea tasting. Plus, the National Wildlife Foundation was on hand to lend some expert insight into the lives of wolves, and attendees were treated to an encounter with one of the animals!

“It’s always my honor to be with #TeenWolfies,” Mays, who played Allison’s mom, tweeted from the event. Hard to argue with that!

Peep some photos, check out more of the buzz on Twitter, and if you were lucky enough to attend, share your experience!


Jennifer and Kali were enemies, but Haley Webb and Felisha Terrell come together with fan@AnneKatrinN.


Melissa Ponzio and show creator Jeff Davis take a moment for a “Teen Wolf” selfie.


Eaddy Mays and Seth Gilliam look ready to take on the convention!


“FANtastic Show” host Shantal Rhodes and “Teen Wolf After After Show” host Morgan Evans smile wide.


Tyler Posey is handy with a mic.


Hey! Who invited the Nogitsune?!