‘teen wolf’ snackables: stiles pukes up…himself!


Phase 1. Labor

The Nogitsune sure is bent on sharing a lunch table with us these days. The dark spirit’s already destroyed our appetites with its penchant for decapitating members of the armed forces, and on last night’s “Teen Wolf” episode, it continued to explore new indigestion frontiers by forcing Stiles to puke up…himself. Yup, after Scott and Lydia finally broke through Stiles’ psyche enough to separate his mind from the parasite that had hijacked it, the former sidekick proceeded to vomit up a very long bandage, from which his true, old self eventually emerged. Just like Betty Crocker promised!

In the event you forgot your lunch money today and hunger pangs are starting in, you are hereby in luck: Our latest “Teen Wolf” Snackable — a special three-parter! — promises to leave you nauseous throughout the afternoon. Get a load of Stiles giving birth to his twin!


Phase 2. Delivery (It’s a…Stiles!)


Phase 3. Rebirth