‘teen mom og’ assistance: why did farrah invite simon to help with her business?

Farrah had a familiar face helping her as she worked on one of her three burgeoning businesses during this week’s Teen Mom OG. And it wasn’t her mom Debra or dad Michael…

“Simon is coming to town tomorrow to train employees,” the entrepreneur told her pal Paola about her on-again off-again beau, while making it clear that she would be “keeping it profesh” and that he was not “marriage material.”

While the work portion of Simon’s trip to Austin seemed to go well (unlike his prior visit for the FroCo launch), the former couple squabbled when they discussed their future (it didn’t help that the engagement ring she bought also came up in the middle of the conversation).

“I’m not going to be hung up on somebody who isn’t going to commit,” Farrah said.

Personal issues aside, why did Farrah have Simon visit and work in this capacity?

“I always have to hire extra guys to come through and help because I delegate,” Farrah told MTV News. “Simon has his own tools and his own tips and whatever. I have to say that every time he is in my store, he’s clumsy and he breaks things. It’s really annoying to me. But I do invite him down, and I do have a good time.”

Do you think Farrah should continue to rely on Simon in these types of professional situations? Share your thoughts in the comments, and to see how their relationship evolves, be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG on Mondays at 9e/6p!