‘teen mom og’ custody battle: can amber and gary settle their differences?

Amber stressed that she wanted to change Gary’s sole custody arrangement for their daughter Leah and pursue a joint agreement during last season of “Teen Mom OG.” But on this week’s episode, the young mother faced some emotional hurdles after hearing some troubling revelations from the first grader. So can Amber and Gary work together to reach a mutual understanding for their child?

Unfortunately, the exes had a lot of trouble communicating and keeping Leah out of the potential showdown. While it seemed that “Boo Boo” was spending a bit more time with her mother, Amber revealed during a conversation with her fiancé Matt and producer Kiki that Gary was only cooperating with visitation because his lawyer was mandating him to do so — and was actually sticking to the minimum when it came to visits. Also, previously, she would call Gary, and Leah would be able to come over to her house — but that was no longer the case.


Meanwhile, Gary didn’t want to see anything change with their co-parenting agreement: “We’ve been through the CPS thing again — I don’t need to go through it again,” he explained to his girlfriend Kristina. “I kept my stuff together, and that was really hard. I didn’t get to go off and make the mistakes Amber did,” he continued, before adding that his main concern was his little girl being “okay.”

After Leah spent a fun but brief afternoon with Amber and Matt, Amber later disclosed that Leah made a difficult confession.


“Leah said to me that ’Daddy told me that if I keep saying I want to live with you, they’re gonna take me away from daddy,’” Amber told Matt and Kiki. “Cause she kept saying she wanted to live here, she kept saying that.” Amber added that Gary probably felt threatened by this potential change — but failed to understand that a court won’t be inquiring about where a six-year-old wants to reside. In addition, Amber emphasized that Gary was dwelling on his former partner’s past — and is failing to realize how much she has changed for the better since going to prison.

This ordeal has obviously affected both Amber and Gary — and the most important person in the middle of the situation, Leah. So do you think the erstwhile couple can come together and figure out a legal deal that works for both families? Or is there more trouble in sight for Amber, Gary and Leah — without any resolution? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to watch “Teen Mom OG” on Mondays at 10e/7p to see how it all unfolds.