Will the ‘teen mom og’ cast ever share the same stage again?

The Teen Mom OG ladies did not all appear together at the show’s most recent reunion (a heated argument between Farrah and Amber prevented the foursome from having this trademark sit-down). And the trend has continued: Following last night’s premiere, the young women were featured on a live aftershow — with Maci, Catelynn and Amber rehashing the episode with host Nessa first, followed by Farrah. But will the moms be able to overcome their differences and someday participate in these types of scenarios together?

“It’s sad what they act like,” Farrah revealed, after a caller asked if the girls would ever share a stage. “If you want to bully somebody and treat them badly, hell, I wouldn’t recommend that for you in your personal life,” she continued. “I’m moving on in my life. I don’t welcome the negativity, and my life’s pretty great without it.”

As far as Cate, Maci and Amber are concerned, they have “tried” to improve relations with their fellow cast member.

“Before this happened, we were friends,” Amber stated, probably referencing their on-air disagreement that transpired several months prior. “I don’t know what happened.” She then added that there’s always a chance to move forward.

Do you think there’s a reconciliation between the young parents in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to catch the MTV mamas every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9e/6p.