Teen mom og inquisition: was amber’s brother too hard on andrew?

Meeting a significant other’s family is a unique experience — and during this week’s Teen Mom OG episode, Amber formally introduced her beau Andrew to her brother Shawn (also known as Bubby). But was Shawn a little too tough on Andrew as they sat down and connected for the first time?

Before the couple (along with Leah) travelled to visit Bubby in Florida, Amber opened up to her producer David about the unique bond she has with her sibling.

“Bubby took care of me,” she explained. “We grew up kind of poor — sometimes we didn’t have food, and we were getting kicked out of houses. We were always there for each other. He means the world to me.”

She continued: “I think he just wants to know that [Andrew] is going to take care of me and that I’m not going to be taking care of him.”

Fast-forward to the trio’s initial sit-down in Florida. At first, Bubby asked Amber and Andrew a series of questions like, “Did it suck going from California to Indiana?” and Andrew’s occupation. Andrew casually answered all of Bubby’s queries (mentioning how he enjoys the “sense of community” in Indiana, that he’s now focused on writing and he has a background in cinematography).

But Bubby continued to press the two — asking if Andrew has any other children and if he had previously watched Amber on the MTV program. Andrew said no to both queries (except the bun in the oven on the way), but Bubby wasn’t done with the latter topic.

“Are you sure?” Bubby persisted. “Because the last guy said ‘no’ too, and we see how that turned out.”

Bubby also expressed his ambivalence about Amber moving on so quickly from Matt and his concern that Amber always “has to have somebody in her life.” But Amber disputed her sibling’s statement and said this was like “night and day” compared to her relationship with Matt.

“He’s got a career — he actually had a life before me. It was a whole different thing,” Amber explained. “There were no crazy secrets I didn’t know about or anything. It’s just a whole different situation. And then how we met — he was working.”

“I’m not judging,” Shawn insisted. “The problem with her, I think, is she refuses to believe some things. I’m all about truths. With the last person, it was one thing after another after another. As long as everything is out about you, we’re cool.”

But do you think Bubby is “cool” with Andrew? It’s natural to be protective of your sister, but do you think he was too hard on Andrew? Or were his questions and concerns valid? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss Teen Mom OG on Monday at 9/6p.