Teen mom og 180: how catelynn’s relationship with her mother became ‘awesome’

When Catelynn was 16 and Pregnant, the teenager outlined an adoption plan for her unborn little girl Carly without the support of her mom April. The mother-daughter duo has faced hardships throughout Teen Mom — including an unforgettable clash surrounding Carly in the inaugural installment of the series (April sided with her then-husband and Tyler’s dad Butch) and a tough bought of bickering while shopping for prom dresses. Since the long-running series returned to the network, the two have showcased a closer bond — and during this week’s episode, Cate and April enjoyed a fun day at the hair salon and proved how far they have come since those turbulent years.

“Our relationship is really, really good,” Cate revealed to MTV News. “When I was in Arizona for treatment, we worked a lot on open communication and how to say things in the right way without hurting any feelings. We’re definitely way more honest and open with each other.”

She continued: “We’re much better than where we were in the beginning of Teen Mom. It’s awesome — she helps me, and I help her when I can. We go shopping; sometimes I go to her house to talk all day. We’re really close.”

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