Teen mom 3: will devoin keep his promise to step up as a dad?

These days, the Internet plays a huge role in how young people communicate, and unfortunately, cyber-bullying comes along with the culture. However, the stakes in any social media war increase tenfold for teen moms, who already have a number of real-life struggles — be it money, school or relationships — to preoccupy them. Imagine having to deal with Twitter-bashing from your child’s father on top of everything else? Well, that’s precisely what Briana’s been up against on “Teen Mom 3.”


On last night’s episode, instead of retaliating against Devoin’s immature (and threatening) behavior, Briana showed him an order of protection she filed — and ultimately decided to drop for the sake of their daughter, Nova — and let him know that if he ever tried to drag her name through the mud on the Internet again, she’d make sure to bring it to a judge. In the “Teen Mom 3 After Show” clip below, host Maci Bookout commends Briana for her firm handling of the situation. “He thought he was able to step all over me,” Briana tells Maci and her fellow cast mates. “And when I finally stood up for myself, he was like, ‘Whoa, she’s probably serious.’ And he’s never done it again.” Their ceasefire even led to Briana allowing Devoin to babysit Nova alone for the first time ever, and a proclamation from him that he’d be there for the two of them in the future, but Briana says she never believed there was any weight to his vow.

“He’s gonna do what he wants to do regardless. I can’t change him,” she says. However, it’s not all bad — Briana’s quick to give Devoin credit where credit’s due. “He tried [to take care of Nova], I’ll give that to him,” she admits.

Do you think Devoin will keep his promise to step up and play a part in Nova’s upbringing? Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments below!