Teen mom 3: is devoin finally ready to step up as a dad?

After an entire year of tears, grief and pulling teeth while trying to point Devoin toward the light, Briana had completely written off her baby’s father, but on tonight’s season finale of “Teen Mom 3,” with Nova’s first birthday on the horizon, Briana made the choice to set her differences with Devoin aside. She reluctantly invited him to Nova’s party, and when Devoin humbly accepted — and actually showed up — we saw a sliver of maturity within him possibly beginning to manifest. It got us thinking: Is Devoin finally ready to accept the responsibilities of parenthood?

When Devoin arrived at the Dejesus home to speak with Briana before the party, he brought with him a huge box of diapers — which Briana noted was a major first — and managed to get through the day without a shred of confrontation. Later, he blew Bri’s mind again when he offered to help Roxanne set up Nova’s party, and he and Roxy even managed to have a rational heart-to-heart about their past issues. While Briana did admit she was happy Devoin made an appearance, she ultimately took his sudden interest in Nova with a grain of salt, and told him that when he was ready to commit to co-parenting 100 percent, and “not just once in a blue moon,” she’d be there to help him do it.

Could Devoin finally be ready to commit to fatherhood wholeheartedly? Or is this just another instance of him crying dad? Take our poll, and sound off in the comments!