Teen mom 3 cast members ponder why they were chosen to share their stories [video]

While the difficult plight of teen mothers is fairly universal, each individual girl who gives birth at a young age, like Katie, Alex, Briana and Mackenzie of “Teen Mom 3,” has a unique story to tell. No two cast members are exactly alike, even though their struggles often overlap, and there’s a reason these particular ladies were chosen to shed light on the harsh realities of unplanned parenthood. In the MTV-exclusive interview clip below, Katie, Alex and Briana discuss what it is about their personal journeys that make them serve as powerful examples.

“All of our stories are so different, but they’re so, like, the same in so many ways,” Briana says, before explaining how the juxtaposition of her and her sister — who chose to have an abortion when she got pregnant at the same time as Bri — shows a stark contrast between the results of both choices.

In Katie’s case, her quest for independence and harmony with Joey demonstrates the detrimental effects that having a child before you’re ready can have on a relationship. It’s also quite a tearjerker for her cast mates, Briana notes.

“I don’t want to make anybody cry!” Katie tells her friends apologetically, but nods in agreement that her story is a tough one to watch.

“Mine’s a whole ball of mess,” Alex exclaims, which, as we’ve seen during the last few episodes, is a pretty dead-on statement. However, she adds that all of the girls are just trying to do what’s best for their kids, which, ultimately, is what matters most.

Check out the video: