Teen mom 3 bonus scene: briana gets some sage school advice from her older sister brittany

Briana thought long and hard before deciding to return to school on the most recent “Teen Mom 3” episode, but before she finally made her way to college for the first time with her mom and sister in tow — a move that really ticked Brittany off — she sought out her sister’s advice on what to expect from the first day. In the bonus scene below, Brittany, who’s already in college, tries to ease her sister’s nerves and give her the ins and outs of what higher education is all about.

“Make sure that before you think about friends, focus on school first,” Brittany tells her sister in the clip over some delicious looking shaved ice. Briana seems anxious about the idea of returning to school after all that she’s been through, but Brittany assures her she’ll have her back no matter what. “If the few brain cells I have remaining can’t help you, we’ll find help for you,” she jokes to Bri. But ultimately, getting back to school is something Briana says she needs to do to help her get her life back on track. “I need to be with peers and get out of the house,” she says.

“You do. You have no life,” Brittany replies. Leave it to older siblings to tell it like it is.

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