‘i’m always going to love you:’ does teen mom 2’s jeremy want leah back?

Leah and Jeremy may have ended their marriage two years ago, but could the Teen Mom 2 couple be heading toward a romantic reconciliation?

On tonight’s episode, Leah and Corey celebrated Ali and Aleeah’s eighth birthdays (with two separate parties). While at her party for the twins, Leah told sister Victoria that her other baby daddy ex had been randomly leaving comments on her photos and texting her that he wanted to talk.

So with the idea in her head from her sister that Jeremy maybe was catching feelings again — though Leah was convinced he just wanted to discuss Addie’s upcoming birthday party — Leah took a break from the festivities to call him. He told her he’d been doing some thinking and was sorry for things he’d said about her in the past on-camera, calling out one scene in particular in which he told a friend, “I don’t regret my daughter by any means but I do regret who I had a child with.” Ouch.

Adalynn’s father also admitted he and his parents “see a world of difference from when we split up to who you are now,” and, finally, thanked his ex-wife for “being a good mom to my kid.”

When a confused Leah asked where all this was coming from, Jeremy said it just happened “out of the blue,” before ending the phone call with, “no matter what, I’m still always going to love you just for the simple fact that you’re Addie’s mom.”

But could Jeremy’s “love” for Leah be something more? Does he want to give their relationship another go, or is he just feeling badly for his past mistakes? Tell us your thoughts, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9e/6p to find out what happens next.