‘teen age riot’: what we learned on tonight’s degrassi

Allison Bowsher
Degrassi Recap 1420

Clare just wants to get through the final weeks of high school, but when her privacy is invaded she decides to take a stand. Frankie can’t be around Winston and tries to come up with a way to make Captain Who rehearsals bearable. Zig’s new home situation has a devastating impact on his relationship with Maya.

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Ms. Pill informs Clare, Alli and Connor that the three of them are finalists to be this year’s Valedictorian, but Clare would rather sit at the back during graduation than give a speech. She tells Ms. Pill that she doesn’t want to be in the running, but Ms. Pill encourages Clare to give a speech the next day and not let her recent tragedy affect her future. Wait, how does she know Clare lost the baby? Oh yes, Ms. Pill uses the security cameras to listen to student’s conversations. WAIT, WHAT?


Clare is livid and tells Alli and Eli that she refuses to participate in anything Ms. Pill suggests. Eli and Alli try to convince Clare to not let Ms. Pill ruin her last few weeks at Degrassi.


Clare agrees and delivers her speech, but instead of explaining why she should be valedictorian, she uses the mic to tell the entire school that Ms. Pill is spying on them.


Ms. Pill finds Clare cleaning out her locker later, assuming that she’s about to be suspended. Instead, Ms. Pill tells Clare that the cameras are for everyone’s safety and that Clare should listen to her friends who are worried about her aka she’s still totally spying. Clare decides that a speech wasn’t enough and takes a bat to the cameras. Okay, now she’s definitely gonna be suspended.


Frankie is frustrated trying to get through Captain Who rehearsals with Winston. She asks Imogen if they can rehearse separately and Imogen tells Frankie she needs to either work with Winston or leave the play.


Frankie is ready to eat her feelings and have a night of RomCom movies with her mom when Hunter steps in and gives her a pep talk. Frankie deserves to be in the play just as much as Winston and she shouldn’t let her life be ruled by her ex.


Feeling recharged, Frankie hits all the notes at rehearsal and finally nails a difficult scene. Winston, on the other hand, is struggling, and Frankie takes Imogen’s advice and channels her anger into positivity, telling Winston she’ll help him rehearse.


Back at home, Frankie sees her mom avoiding all the places she loves because she’s worried she’ll run into her ex husband. Frankie urges her mom to follow in her footsteps and not let a break up dictate the rest of her life.


Zig and Maya are trying to be a couple and do couple things, like make-out, but they don’t have any privacy. Tiny suggests that Maya hang out at their apartment and she’s excited, but Zig is not. He’s worried that Maya will see the drugs and break up with Zig.


Zig tries cleaning up the apartment before Maya arrives and Vince and Tiny even agree to help him make it the perfect night. They leave Maya and Zig alone to have dinner (anyone else impressed Zig made dinner?!), but when they come back they’ve multiplied by about 30 people.


Vince offers Maya some Molly and Zig tries to get her out of the apartment, but Maya is curious and the couple agree to take the drugs together.


With their ability to use common sense out the window, Maya and Zig decide to lose their virginity to one another while high.


The next day, Maya is upset that her first time happened while she was on drugs. Zig feels terrible and breaks up with Maya in an attempt to ward off any future pain he may cause her.


Zig gets home and is in a rage, blaming Vince for how things ended with Maya. Vince and Tiny calm Zig down and tell him that he should apologize to Maya. Vince even tells Zig he’ll drive him to Maya’s house after they make one stop. It’s gonna be a bad stop, isn’t it?


Zig is on the phone with Maya and the two make up while he’s waiting for Vince and Tiny. Great! Then Zig hears two gun shots and Vince and Tiny come running out of a building yelling at Zig to drive. UGH ZIG! Couldn’t you have taken the bus to Maya’s house?!