#tbt: remember when thursday was jerzday?

Tears For Fears once proclaimed, “Everybody wants to rule the world,” but on Thursday nights not long ago, eight guidos and guidettes actually followed through.

In an event as ritually significant as church on Sunday or cartoons on Saturday (well, not for this generation…), “Jersey Shore” took over MTV each week from its 2009 premiere onward, and it didn’t take long for “Jerzday” to officially become a cultural institution. Between trips to the gym, late-night runs to the neighborhood pizza joint and more than a few pilgrimages to Karma, the cast made us believe we were strolling right beside them on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk and, man, the sand felt good between our toes.

You probably remember the way “J-Shore” ended, but how clear are its first few chapters in your mind’s eye? In honor of #TBT, we’re taking a quick look back at Snooki, “The Situation” and all their friends in their earlier, party-hardy days. Walk with us down this most pleasant memory lane, and share your favorite early moment from the show in the comments!

Snooki had blue eyes:


What would these have looked like paired with her flaming-hot ‘do?!

Jenni and Sammi hated each other:

Man, time really can change anything!

Mike and Ronnie fought over the house’s “Sweetheart”:

Sadly, as of August, neither guy came out on top.

Communication with the outside world was conducted with a duck:

You thought a flip phone was tough to navigate?

Vinny‘s early reviews of his housemates weren’t so favorable:

Glad his first impressions eventually changed!

Jenni and Pauly D had eyes for each other (among other things…):

Now, they’re brother and sister, but then…

Moving into the “Shore” house was Pauly D’s first time in New Jersey:

Hope his blowout didn’t fool you — the Rhode Island native was a Garden State virgin!

Angelina voluntarily moved out…twice:

When standard luggage just won’t do…