#tbt mtv movie awards edition: our favourite outfits from the 2013 mtv movie awards

#TBT MTV Movie Awards Edition: Our Favourite Outfits From The 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Cherylann Nesbitt, MTV.ca

Macklemore, Hana Mae Lee, Snoop

Over the past few weeks we’ve been throwing back to the best and worst red carpet looks leading up to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. Since we love ALL our award show guests so much, we thought it might be too soon to start calling anyone out from last year’s show (We’ll get you next year!). As we were looking through old photos (oh the memories) we started to notice one of last year’s hottest trends, ANYTHING goes! From capes to cigarette butt hats, these are our favourite looks from the 2013 MTV Movie Awards red carpet. No rules apply. We’re showcasing the good, the bad, the ugly and calling them all—amazing!

Snoop Lion

Snoop kept it hot in fur and cool in shades for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Sporting grey slacks paired with a plaid button up and accessorized with his staple rings and chains. The only thing that shocked us about this outfit was how closely the red fox fur matched the red carpet.  Had he put it down at any point, we’re not sure he would have been able to find it again.

Snoop Lion attends the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana looked positively amazing on the red carpet in Givenchy. Black long sleeve shirts were a common trend at last year’s show, but the part that made us ooh and awe was the ankle length sheer and floral print skirt cut with a slit reaching to the top of her thigh. This is a trend we’d like to see a lot more of this spring.

Zoe Saldana attends the 2013 MTV Movie Awards


Oh Macklemore. Not exactly the ‘Thrift Shop’ look we were expecting but still equally satisfying. A Matador dressed Mack showed off his Logan Neitzel print cape, finished with a golden fringe hem. Under the cape he wore a royal blue suit that could catch the attention of any bull. Luckily for Mack, no bulls attended.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis attend the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Hana Mae Lee

Talk about making a statement! We officially believe you can make a hat out of ANYTHING! The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress claimed she wasn’t ‘promoting smoking or not smoking at all, it’s just a fun sculpture on the head.’ We’re not exactly sure where the comedian’s inspiration for the piece came from, since she did have a hand in designing it, but a cigarette butt headpiece is sure to attract some attention.

Hana Mae Lee attends the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Zachary Quinto

‘My my baby blue! Yeah I been thinkin’ about you.’ It seems 2013 was the year of the blue suit! Thankfully, Quinto and Macklemore went with very different shades of blue. The Movie Awards aren’t typically the place for a full on tuxedo, so we like that Quinto ditched the tie and went with a colour that helped keep things bright on our already blazing red carpet.

Zachary Quinto attends the 2013 MTV Movie Awards


Ke$ha somehow managed to mix every trend from last year’s show to form one 70s-vintage-goth-hippie look for the red carpet, and it actually doesn’t look that bad. We can’t help but think Ke$ha had insider tips on what everyone else was wearing that night. She’s got the 70s look like Snoop, the sheer floral print like Zoe, the fringe like Macklemore, with a hint of edge (and hat) like Hana Mae. It even looks like she managed to incorporate a hint of blue (underwear) to match the blue suit trend! Mixing multiple trends can be tricky business. Hats off to Ke$ha far taking a stab at it.

Kesha attends the 2013 MTV Movie Awards