Taylor swift gets interrupted (again) at 2013 people’s choice awards

Taylor Swift made her first appearance since all the Haylor breakup rumours at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards, stunning her fans in a long, deep cut, white dress and pinned-up hair. Early in the night, host Kaley Cuoco inaugurated her as the actual president of the United States, claiming the awards show received more votes than the POTUS did. And despite one minor shakeup, Swift was one of the night’s many winners, including “The Hunger Games” and Katy Perry. Throughout the night, fans saw celeb after celeb and chose their favourites in categories ranging from Favourite TV Drama to Favourite Breakout Artist. MTV News decided to pick some favourites of our own, so here are our top seven moments from the night:

Another Taylor Interruption

It’s been four years since Kanye West stole Taylor Swift’s spotlight at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, but apparently the joke still hasn’t gotten old. Or has it?

While introducing the Best Country Artist, presenter Olivia Munn joked that she was the inspiration behind “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” And she took things even further when she grabbed Taylor’s brand-new award from her hands, demanding a “thank you.”

“This always happens,” Swift said, looking a little sad. But when Munn finally gave back the hardware, Taylor spilled her graciousness without skipping a beat. “I wanna thank the fans. You’ve blown my mind with what you’ve done with my album Red.”

Ellen’s Comedic Timing

Ellen DeGeneres returned to The People’s Choice Awards for her 13th win on the show. Her 13th win! Now, to accept her award for Favourite Daytime Host, there was only one thing stopping her from connecting with all of her fans.

“I would love to hug each and every one of you, but it’s flu season,” she continued. “You have said that I am the best, and I accept it. Thank you. I’m not saying it. You are.”

After walking off, she remembered that she had to present the comedic actor awards. Quickly scuffling back and claiming, “I have to present now,” Ellen took a pause before touting the comedic timing of all the following nominees.

What A Shame

Kaley Cuoco cut into the ceremony to advertise a cause close to her heart — dog shaming. You know, hanging a sign on your dog after they’ve done something very bad, like ripping apart the couch cushions or eating an entire steak left on the kitchen counter, telling them what they’ve done wrong. Well, Cuoco said shaming animals must stop.

“Dogs can’t speak English. We have to speak for them. Let’s leave public shame where it belongs: with the Kardashians,” she joked.

Adam Sandler’s Favourite Things

When Adam Sandler got onstage to accept Favourite Comedic Movie Actor, he didn’t promise one of the “jokey” speeches he used to do. Instead, he listed a few of his favourite things (no, not like Julie Andrews or Oprah). Sandler whipped out a piece of crinkly paper, and read the following.

“Favourite Word: elbow,” he said. “Favourite Berry: Halle, Favourite Apple: Fiona, Favourite Member of One Direction: five-way tie.” Who knew Adam Sandler was such a Directioner?

Flash Mob, Maybe

Monica Potter (“Parenthood”) and Anthony Anderson (“Guys with Kids”) raised suspicions when they stepped to the mic wearing trench coats to announce the nominees for Favourite Breakout Artist — especially because they brought a boom box with them.

But when they shed their coats to reveal exercise outfits, we learned what was up: flash mob. Cuoco rushed onstage to stop the “Call Me Maybe” dance sesh before things got out of hand. Phew!

Boyband Upset

When The Wanted beat out One Direction for Favourite Breakout Artist, they seemed pretty surprised, noting that they’ve never won a “massive” award like this one before. But despite being caught off guard, the Brits knew exactly whom they owed their thanks to.

“Thank you Ellen for everything!”

To show their gratitude to DeGeneres for featuring them on her show, the fivesome promised their Favourite Daytime TV Host a song… and they did it right there in the auditorium. Singing “Afternoon Delight,” The Wanted showed off perfect five-part harmony — all for Ellen!

This is the Voice!

Candles surrounded Christina Aguilera while she sang Lotus‘s latest single, “Blank Page,” a song about pain, regret and leaving those things behind to start anew. After her performance, she admitted it was her first time singing the song without crying. To cheer her up, she was presented with the People’s Voice Award (cleaver pun, guys), naming the singer as the voice of our generation. “I hope my music and voice will help others to find theirs as well,” Aguilera said of using her songs to empower her fans.