Take that, j-law! Jennifer lawrence gets photobombed by liam hemsworth

Jennifer Lawrence is known for being gracious and friendly with her fans, so it’s no surprise that she took a break from dinner in Atlanta this past weekend to obligingly pose for a photo with a star-struck fellow diner. What is surprising, however? That “Catching Fire” co-star Liam Hemsworth managed to pull a fast one on her in the process, popping a pair of fingertip bunny ears behind J-Law’s head just as the picture was taken.

Obviously, as photobombs go, this one is pretty tame (and a far cry from the epic shenanigans that Jennifer herself has pulled on the red carpet.) But still, we almost never see Jennifer Lawrence on the receiving end of a prank, not even one as small and silly as this one. In all of the years that she’s been a celebrity, we could only find six occasions on which somebody got the better of her:


The time that Josh Hutcherson made her pee her pants…

A long time ago, long before Lawrence had earned either an Oscar or a reputation as Hollywood’s greatest photobomber, an ambitious young Josh Hutcherson got the better of her with an epic prank on the set of “The Hunger Games.” In an interview with Vulture, he confessed: “I took a dummy, one that the tracker-jackers were supposed to have attacked, and I put it in Jennifer’s bathroom, and when she opened the door, she peed her pants. Or so I was told; she told me later. I did not get visual confirmation on that one.”

…And the time Jeffrey Wright did it, too

On the set of “Catching Fire,” the man who played BeeTee presented J-Law with a gift to celebrate her recent Oscar win: a lovely blue box from Tiffany with a special surprise inside.

In an interview with the New York Times, Sam Claflin described the moment at which the star opened her gift and discovered that the box contained not jewelry, but 250 live crickets: “We thought she’d open it in the middle of the jungle, but she went all the way back to the base camp, got into her trailer and closed the door. Then we heard this God Almighty scream. The crickets got into her clothes and all over her stuff.”

The time Jack Nicholson interrupted her post-Oscar interview…

Despite keeping her cool throughout their conversation (and getting in a hell of a rejoinder to Jack’s comment that she looked “like an old girlfriend”), Lawrence’s “ohmigod” face after he left made it clear that she was internally freaking out.

The time someone told her about Brody…

One way to catch the actress by surprise? Drop a giant spoiler on the SAG red carpet, giving away the biggest surprise in the season finale of the most suspenseful show on television.


The time she “freaked out” at the “Catching Fire” premiere…

Okay, so this one’s kind of a reach: Clearly, it isn’t really a legitimate moment of lost composure for Lawrence. She’s obviously sassing the unruly mob of photographers who’ve been screaming at her and her co-stars for 15 minutes, balling her fists and screaming back to show them how ridiculous they’re being. But to the casual observer, it might look like she’s actually flipped her lid.

The time she blew up the science oven…

And speaking of reaches: The truth is, J-Law is so unflappable so much of the time that we scraped the bottom of the barrel with that last one. But hey, here’s a clip of her acting surprised when she torpedos a microwave in “American Hustle”!