Take a look back at the ‘awkward. ’ gang’s junior year, in gifs!

It was once safe to say that sporting a body cast after a rumored suicide attempt was Jenna Hamilton‘s worst moment, but this season on “Awkward,” the teen blogger truly outdid herself. Sure, junior year started on a perfect note — Jenna and Matty were in love, and Jake and Tamara weren’t far behind, but soon, a new student named Collin caught Jenna’s eye, and her fellow writer’s charm proved too much to resist.

To cope with the loneliness that came from her eventual breakup with Matty, and under her new boyfriend Collin’s influence, Jenna turned to drugs, ditched her friends and burned her family. It seemed like she’d permanently gone off the deep end, but when Jenna realized her identity crisis couldn’t be solved with rebellion, she kissed her bad-girl phase goodbye (but kept the hairdo).

When not consumed with Jenna’s struggle, the rest of the Palos Hills crew had some banner moments, too. Sadie Saxton tapped into her sensitive side and saved Valerie Marks from getting the axe, Tamara channeled her inner Mike Tyson and Ming was knocked off the Asian Mafia throne just as soon as she’d claimed it.

Grade 11 wasn’t picture perfect for anyone, but it was certainly one for the books, so we decided to gather the PHHS gang’s highest and lowest moments from the year — in GIFs! If only you were still around to see it, Ricky Schwartz…


Jake and Tamara returned from the City of Lights completely infatuated with each other.


T’s toast to the departed Ricky seemed harsh, but it was made with love.


To combat her growing feelings for Collin, Jenna overcompensated with Matty.




Matty wouldn’t throw a punch Collin’s way, so T stepped in.


When Jenna crossed the line, the ever-forgiving Lacey finally laid down the law.


Sadie Saxton’s role as “Jenny” in Val’s A.S.S. was Emmy-worthy.


After finally seeing the error of her ways, Jenna begged Matty for forgiveness.


Sadie Saxton swooped in to save the day when Val’s job was on the line.


Eventually Val forgave Jenna, but not before this pissy greeting.


When Ming neglected her responsibilities as Asian Mafia Queen, Becca returned.


Though Jenna didn’t win back Matty, she vowed to enjoy her independence for a while.