T-rexxx kicks off #brilliantworks campaign with lovebot creator, matthew del degan

There’s nothing like a music festival to inspire creativity and to wake up your artistic side. For recent art collaborators, Matthew Del Degan (creator of the Lovebot) and Tyrone ‘T-Rexxx’ Edwards (E!), the Digital Dreams Music Festival in Toronto served as the perfect location to premiere their first ever art collaboration with the help of vitaminwater Canada.

When vitaminwater Canada began work on the project #BrilliantWorks, a campaign designed to showcase creative influencers and their work, Del Degan and Edwards were asked to collaborate on a ‘lovebot remix‘ that would be featured as an art installation on the Digital Dreams festival grounds.

Watch the full Lovebot remix here! 

The idea of the Lovebot came from Del Degan when he first noticed the robotic nature of Toronto subway passengers, ‘When I moved into the city and I saw everybody on the subway acting sort of like robots going to work every day, I thought…we need more love and that we have a lot of love so I added the heart to say, that’s what Toronto needs.’

The Lovebot attracted attention from numerous festival goers. Some attendees showed up to snap pictures, while others danced around and enjoyed the colourful work of art.


Del Degan is just one of many artistic collaborators on a mission to create extraordinary works of art—separating individuals from the everyday life and presenting them with a piece that’s colourful and inspiring.

In the weeks to come, vitaminwater Canada will work with artists and their collaborators to present viewers with an inside look into the world of #BrilliantWorks. Artist profiles will be released every Monday for the next 13 weeks and can be viewed on the vitaminwater Canada YouTube page.