Sunny d just won #tbt forever with this ‘where are they now? ’ video

Kids who grew up watching a lot of TV in the early ’90s doubtless remember Sunny Delight’s infamous “extreme” ads featuring a band of rollerblading kids whose seemingly boundless energy was recharged one bottle at a time. They burst into their homes, demanding more of the precious nectar that sustained them. They even found a mysterious fridge full of Sunny D in the desert and, unmindful of the possible consequences, proceeded to chug it.

A few decades later, Sunny D has brought back the heroes of our youth. Their clothes no longer fit, their dance moves are ridiculous and their enthusiasm is now slightly creepy — but they’ve still got attitude. Meanwhile, 20 years of Sunny D-induced fanaticism have apparently grated down on the kids’ families:

“You and your friends have been doing this for 20 years,” the exasperated mother now intones. “You’re 36. You need a job.”

In a world where ’90s nostalgia has run amok, injecting a harsh dose of reality might be just what the Sunny D kids need. Time stops for no man — or brand, apparently.