Steve carell’s anchorman 2 jokes are “more secret” than star wars viii

The sky rockets are most assuredly in flight, and it certainly sounds like there’s some kind of afternoon delight being enjoyed on the set of “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” The adventures of professional and legendary idiot newsman Ron Burgundy proceed ever forward in the long-in-the-making sequel that reunites the major players of the original “Anchorman” film — including Will Ferrell as the titular newsman, and Steve Carell as his dim-witted pal, Brick Tamland.

Carell, along with Paul Rudd and David Koechner, plays an instrumental role among the “Anchorman” cast as one of Ron’s closest colleagues and friends. Given that, there are few others who can weigh in on the quality of the sequel quite like Carell.

“It’s pretty good,” the actor said with a grin when MTV News spoke with him at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. “Here’s what I was thinking, because I just flew back [from the ‘Anchorman 2’ set], and I’m flying back tonight: if you like the first ‘Anchorman,’ you will like or love this movie. If you didn’t like it, all bets are off. But man, it’s funny. I think it’s really funny, so, I don’t know — fingers crossed!”

Carell certainly has reason to be excited for the new “Anchorman” sequel. After all, Brick — who “specializes” in meteorology and, well, being special — finally finds love in the upcoming comedy, in the form of “Bridesmaids” mastermind Kristen Wiig. Who wouldn’t be excited for that pairing?

But Carell also isn’t the only person involved with “Anchorman” to rave about what the sequel has up its sleeve. During a recent interview with MTV, producer Judd Apatow said that he’s “never seen anyone delight in playing a character than Will acting like Ron Burgundy all day.” But that doesn’t mean Apatow can spill any secrets.

“I can’t give it away because it’s more secret than the next ‘Star Wars.’ All I can say is that there are no Wookies in it,” the producer joked. “But it’s top-secret. You can’t give away the Brick jokes.”

You can’t give away the Brick jokes? No wonder Carell is so excited!

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