Stephanie pratt joyrides a four-wheeler in mykonos, because her life is better than ours

Though Spencer Pratt seems to be spending more time studying than partying these days, his sister Stephanie is still very much in the thick of the latter. Not that we’d expect anything less from the former “Hills” castie, who was always the fun, free-spirited one of her female clique. Recently, Steph and her boyfriend Spencer Matthews jetted over to the Greek island of Mykonos to soak in the sights and live it up for E!’s “Party On” just like us regular folk normally do during our spare time.

In this clip from the first episode of the series, which premiered last night, Steph meets up with host Jacqueline M. Wood to sip on some ridiculously fruity cocktails (seriously, there’s an entire watermelon slice in Stephanie’s glass) and discuss the finer points of travel in Mykonos — namely, the fact that everyone gets around on mopeds and quads because there are only 31 taxis on the entire island. (Here in New York City, we call that a nightmare.)

The girls eventually decide to hop on their own four-wheeler, and, being the lucky ladies that they are, come across two hot dudes at a stop sign. Naturally, they challenge them to a race, because no trip to paradise is complete without at least one weird story about beating some natives at their own game, right?

Check out the clip, and tell us if you’ve ever had a vacation as lavish as Steph’s!