‘star wars’ and 5 other video games that need confirmations now

We’ve already checked off our most anticipated games for this year but what about all those beloved titles that have fallen to the wayside, the titles that keep getting promised, but never released? We’re tired of all the rumors, missteps, cancellations, and "no comment" filled twitter feeds: we demand answers now. Here are our picks for games that need to be confirmed in 2014:

Forget Zelda. Forget Mario. We want to know the space-faring, alien-blasting, galactic bounty hunter Samus has been up to. Nintendo has already announced a digital smorgasbord of new titles for the Wii U and 3DS; yet nary a Super Missile or Mother Brain. After the mixed reception of "Other M," we’re unsure if a new "Metroid" even has a chance. Still, we’re hopeful for a dramatic announcement later this year.

"Half-Life 3"
Speaking of total pipe dreams, "Half-Life 3" is the pipe dreamiest. Sure, production company Valve has other things on their plate, but a teaser would be a virtual life-extending elixir for the forever-in-development threequel. After all the hubbub about the new Steam Machines has settled down, we’re expecting some big news about gaming’s most silent of protagonists, Gordon Freeman. Our guess? "Half-Life 3" is an exclusive launch title for SteamOS.

"Fallout 4"
Production company Bethesda is definitely, for-sure working on a new "Fallout" title; it’s just a matter of when they’ll announce it. One person, however, is forcing the issue via the combined strength of internet signatures! As the Maryland-based publisher is currently rolling into the MMO scene with "The Elder Scroll Online" it’ll be interesting to see if they have the bandwidth to even begin another massive RPG until next year. That said, we expect a very short teaser around E3 showing a brief glimpse of a Brotherhood of Steel helmet with the classic motto, "War Never Changes."

"Mega Man"
Poor Mega Man. Capcom can’t seem to figure out what to do with intrepid Blue Bomber. Long time series producer Keiji Inafune has moved on from the publisher, turning to Kickstarter in order to create his own spiritual successor with "Mighty No.9." Regrettably, this leaves any hopes for a legit sequel to Mega Man in the dust. Fans don’t despair, though: a Mega Man board game has Capcom’s go ahead. Perhaps this will light a fire under the seasoned publisher to smooth over their rocky relationship with fans, and get a new "Mega Man" in the works.

"Star Fox"
Nintendo’s redheaded step child hasn’t had a new console game in quite a while. Making cameo debuts in "Smash Bros." simply isn’t enough, so we’re hoping that Nintendo has another gem hidden up its sleeve. No, we don’t want any dinosaurs or on foot action. Just give us a fast pace, bullet-hell shooter featuring everyone’s favorite outer space Canid, his team of loyal wingmen (wing-animals) and one nefarious evil Pig emperor.

"Star Wars: Battlefront"
With Disney getting ever closer to releasing Star Wars: Episode VII, the timing couldn’t be any better for a new video game. Supposedly EA is gearing for a release next year, but outside of a 15 second video released in June, nothing else has been mentioned about the revival of the critically-acclaimed "Star Wars: Battlefront." For the uniformed, "Battlefront" is essentially "Battlefield" but, like, with Star Wars characters. Ever wanted to live out your fantasy of getting crushed under a Wookie driven AT-ST? Here’s your chance.