Sound off with our ultimate 2014 oscars soundboard

The Oscars are an emotional time: many will gather with their friends and loved ones this Sunday to watch the telecast, ballots in hand and high hopes for their favorite movies in their hearts.

Of course, we relate to movies because they often seem to be a more perfect version of our own lives. Not all of us look like Jennifer Lawrence or have the smooth moves of George Clooney, but that doesn’t keep us from wishing that we did. And they just seem to say everything better in the movies too, right?

This year, let the movies speak for you during your Academy Awards viewing party with our handy dandy soundboard. Friend who took a phone call on the commercial running into telecast time? Wham-bam, hit a button and Leo can scream at him to “get off the phone!” Let Judi Dench fill in that awkward silence for you with the click of her button a button. Sandra Bullock can even provide narration for the internal monologues of those first-time winners lucky enough to hit the stage Sunday night.

You name the Oscar emotion, there’s a button for it. Without further ado, click through to our Ultimate Oscars 2014 Soundboard.

Oscars Soundboard