Sorry directioners! Another group of fans are the most devoted

When you think of the most ultra dedicated, kinda-sorta overzealous music fans, you probably get an image of arm-flailing fangirls and boys who’ve camped out for days just for a possible passing glimpse of One Direction or Justin Bieber. (Like us, obvs.)

But according to Spotify, the most dedicated group of music fans on their service might surprise you. Because, believe it or not, the pop kids came in at a distant second — despite a surely solid effort by Rihanna’s Navy and the Beyhive.

The streaming service has reported that it’s actually metal fans who win the hardcore passion game — and by a large margin, too.

To identify loyalty, Spotify first identified the “core” artists of any given genre both globally and locally. To determine loyalty, they divided the number of streams a core artist had by their number of listeners. The results showed headbangers metal fans far exceeded any other genre.


Their data also showed that listeners of fellow “guitar-based” music like folk and country were much more dedicated overall than listeners with a broader range of interests.

Rock on, metalheads!