‘something’s got to give’: what we learned from tonight’s episode of ‘degrassi’

Drew (Ep.1409)

On tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi’ Imogen busted Jack for OmmfChatting nudes for money but not before letting the words ‘Degrassi nudes’ slip in front of Mr. Simpson. Mr. Simpson declared Degrassi nudes a matter for the police, which could mean trouble for Zoe and her Power squad.

Last week Miles smashed into a parked minivan, ripping off an entire door, and it turns out it was Dallas’ car that he hit. Maya covered for Miles by lying to Mr. Hollingsworth about what really happened. Too bad it was all for nothing. After making a statement to the police and claiming that Miles was the victim of a hit and run collision, Miles showed up at school high and told Dallas everything.

This week it was Miles turn to confess but next week it could be Clare’s. Drew ended his relationship with Becky so that he could spend more time helping Clare prep for the birth of their child but during a routine ultrasound, Clare learned that she was 16 weeks pregnant, not 12, meaning there’s no way Drew could be the father. Wonder what Eli and Drew would have to say about that?

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Jack, Imogen and Degrassi Nudes

Word about Degrassi nudes made its way to Imogen and all it took was one nude pic to fire her up. When D-TV’s star reporter heard about the site sending boob pics of Degrassi girls for money, she made it her mission to find the person responsible. In a moment of passion, Imogen mistakenly revealed Degrassi nudes to Mr. Simpson and he immediately pulled the plug on her story. According to Mr. Simpson, it was a matter for the police.


Imogen was upset about her story being shut down and when she confided in Jack she suddenly realized her girlfriend didn’t seem to be against the site at all, in fact, she was defending it. Suddenly, Imogen realized the very boobs that started her mission of ‘getting to the bottom of Degrassi nudes’ were Jack’s all along!


Imogen felt like she had been cheated on. Jack was sending nude pics to anyone at Degrassi that would pay and that meant a handful of students, including boys, had seen what was under her blouse.

Jack didn’t see it the same way as Imogen. Jack didn’t think sending nudes to make a few bucks was a big deal but after hearing how it made Imogen feel, she realized it wasn’t right and apologized. 


Maya, Miles, Dallas

Back at school, Maya overheard Dallas telling his friends about an accident he had recently been in—the same accident Maya had been in with Miles. Miles had hit a parked minivan while driving high with Maya in the car. Instead of stopping to take responsibility and to check that everyone was ok, Miles drove off to avoid getting into trouble. When Maya heard that Dallas had reported the accident to the police she knew something had to be done.


Maya went to find Miles and told him what she’d heard. She tried to convince him to tell the truth but Miles insisted that was a bad idea. Miles had a plan to repair the damage to his car before anyone would notice but when his father saw the damage before he could fix it, Miles was out of options.

Maya was concerned about what Mr. Hollingsworth would do if he knew the truth so she came up with a lie to protect Miles. Maya told Mr. Hollingsworth that another car hit Miles and took off before they could do anything about it. 

Mr. Hollingsworth believed Maya and insisted that they report the accident to the police. Since it wasn’t their fault, the insurance would still cover the cost of damages. 


Maya told the police the same story she had told Mr. Hollingsworth but they had more questions they needed answered for their report. Where, when, how? Maya was anxious but managed to come up with a lie for every question they had.  


When Miles showed up at school, Maya confronted him to make sure their stories would match but Miles wasn’t being helpful. Miles was high again and when he realized how worried Maya was about lying to the police, he decided to fix the issue…


Miles confronted Dallas in the hall and confessed to hitting his car. Dallas was furious but when he realized how messed up Miles was, he decided it wasn’t worth the fight, and like Degrassi nudes, it was a matter for the police. 


Clare, Drew, Becky

Since finding out Clare is pregnant with his baby, Drew has been balancing school, a girlfriend and doctor’s appointments but on tonight’s episode it started to catch up with him. When Drew realized he had a birthing class the same night he promised to meet Becky’s grandmother he had to make a choice. 


Clare let Drew off the hook for the night and told him she would fill him in on birthing class later. He was able to keep his date with Becky and Grandma Baker but during dinner Drew was still focused on Clare and the baby. When he received a text from Clare telling him the baby had kicked for the first time he was so excited that he shared the news out loud without realizing, revealing to Grandma Baker that he was expecting a baby—with another girl.  


Drew realized balancing his relationship with Becky and his responsibilities as an expecting father wasn’t working. He decided ending his relationship with Becky to focus on Clare and the baby was the right thing to do. Becky didn’t take the news very well and for the rest of the day, Drew ended up wearing a cold smoothie on his shirt.


Drew promised Clare he wouldn’t miss anymore appointments and during their first ultrasound together, Clare and Drew learned they would be having a boy and both agreed to name him Adam. 


After Drew left the room, Clare told the doctor she didn’t realize you could tell the sex of a baby at 12 weeks and the doctor responded by saying, you can’t. It turns out Clare is 16 weeks pregnant which means, well, you can guess what that means. It looks like Clare has some news for both Drew and Eli.


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