Solange’s wedding was basically nothing like a normal person’s wedding

Congrats Solange! Bey’s little sister officially tied the knot with Alan Ferguson in New Orleans on Sunday, and the wedding — let’s just say it looked like a very fancy, very tasteful cult induction ceremony. Read: Tons of white. Tons of standing in lines and not touching each other. Tons of semi-blank stares. Granted, the photos Beyoncé shared of the event on Instagram were originally posted to (which means they were meant to be fashion-y), but we couldn’t help but notice how they diverged from, well, normal people’s wedding snaps. Check out the top four differences we noticed below…

1. The Bride And Groom


Look how serene — and far apart — Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson are! No way in hell is Alan smashing cake into Solange’s face.

2. The Bride


Many brides kind of… how to say this… FREAK OUT, before their weddings. Solange, as chill as chill can be, just pedals around on a bike. No big.

3. The Wedding Party


Not a drunken uncle or handsy aunt in the bunch — mostly because

4. Children


Solange’s son Julez is one seriously well-behaved (and well-coiffed) kid — unlike the minions of hell that regularly descend upon weddings with sticky fingers and gaping maws of misery.