So, kreayshawn was catfished by a fake diplo

For a while there, Kreayshawn thought she and Diplo were kind of a thing.

For two or three years, from 2009 to 2011, the “Gucci Gucci” singer was emailing with a person she thought to be the producer and head of Mad Decent label — and things got prettyintimate. But that person was was not Diplo.

That’s right: Kreayshawn — as she learned this week — was Catfished. And she addressed the whole messy thing in a video announcement on Monday.

It all started in 2009, when a video she made of her and her friends was posted on Mad Decent’s fan blog. Shortly after, she got the email from “Diplo.” For two to three years, they kept up a casual email correspondence — “casual,” of course, meaning he would send an occasional dick pic and unsuccessfully request a sex tape from her.

So when Kreayshawn revisited that Gmail account this week, three years after the fact, she found the old emails, and DMed one of those pictures to the real Diplo on Twitter, saying “remember the old times?” The DJ clarified that it was not him (he has a tattoo around that area), and Kreay was understandably floored.

After all, she and the real Diplo had met in real life — but whoever was behind the emails warned her that he may act “brand new” because he has a girlfriend.

But even if it wasn’t the real Diplo, the singer says whoever the troll was “really inspired me,” encouraging her to keep making videos and “keep doing her thing.” She also said his motivation was “the driving point” for her to pack up and move to Los Angeles.

Whatever it takes, Kreay. Whatever it takes.