Snoop dogg sees flying cars in our future: are you ready?

There’s a certain timeless that Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder and Pharrell and respectively possess. So, it makes sense that their music video for “California Roll,” which dropped on Wednesday, May 20, takes place both in 1946 and in the future.

OK, they may sound impossible, but trust us you have to see it to believe it. It’s like the 2015 Snoopified version of “Back To The Future” and if our tomorrow looks anything like Snoop’s vision then we want to get there immediately.

Here’s what the future will look like, according to The Doggfather:


We’ll Have Cool Flying Cars

Snoop Dogg's Flying Car


Pyramids Will Rule L.A.

Snoop Dogg's Pyramids


HUGE Inspirational Blimps Will Fly Around

Snoop Dogg's Blimp


Awesome Nia Long Murals Will Decorate Streets

Snoop Dogg Mural


All While Nia And Snoop Live Happily Ever After

Snoop And Nia Long


Check Out The Full Video Below

Looking forward to the future, Snoop.