Snooki predicts a pregnant jwoww will be “the biggest bitch” [video]

Having endured the debilitating cramps and hormonal mood swings that come with growing a baby inside you for 9 long months, you would expect Snooki to have complete empathy for Jenni if and when she ever becomes pregnant. You would expect…

In the “Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW” clip below, Nicole imagines her BFF to be a total nightmare as an expecting mom. After describing just how uncomfortable that dreaded third trimester is, she speculates how Jenni would handle the rough spots. “I think you’re gonna complain times a million… you’re gonna be the biggest bitch, but I’m gonna be there for you,” Snooks says. Aww, ain’t that… sweet?

On tonight’s episode, the discomfort of her final days of pregnancy brought Nicole to tears, but the overactive emotions were nothing new. Snooki still remembers how difficult it was being just four months pregnant during their Cancun trip, but if you ask JWOWW, her co-star handled the whole thing like a champ. “You made it look easy!” she says. “And I feel like I would be a disaster.”

Check out the video, and tell us how you think Jenni would fare as a pregnant lady!