Snooki & jwoww’s cancun spat: whose side are you on?

They may share an apartment, but they’re not exactly living parallel lives. While Snooki is boob-deep in birthing videos, mocktails and frequent trips to the pooper, JWOWW is busy making new friends, downing liters of Ron-Ron Juice and ensuring that Roger never, ever gets laid. Guess it was only a matter of time before the girls’ lifestyle differences drove a wedge between them–we kinda saw it coming from across the Jersey Turnpike.

The spray tan hit the fan at the end of last week’s “Snooki & JWOWW” with a tear-soaked Snooks crying to Papa Polizzi, “I don’t think I wanna live with Jenni anymore.” (Now, Nicole. Let’s not get hasty just because you had a bad vacay with your BFF. We don’t exactly see Sammi wanting to brave sex museums and drag bars, and besides, your BFF dynamic with Jenni totally works!)

Regardless of their special bond, the unicorn-loving ladies just haven’t been able to see eyelash-to-eyelash lately. While Snooki was determined to play with dolphins and Crocadilly’s cousins in Cancun, Jenni wanted to do what most anyone does during a wild spring break–drink, dance, repeat.

We have a feeling the feisty friends will be able to work past their probs just fine, but a roommate sit-down will definitely be in order, followed by a hug-it-out love fest. In the meantime, who do you think is more in the right–Snooki or JWOWW? Sound off!