Snooki and jwoww glam up “hot ginger” conan o’brien with fake eyelashes [video]

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Conan? In the years since “Jersey Shore” first aired, Snooki and JWOWW have set the standard for guidette style, but now they’re spreading their gospel to those not blessed with the genes. In this video from last night’s “Conan,” Nicole and Jenni teach the show’s host — a proud Masshole of Irish descent — a thing or two about how to get Jersey fabulous.

While we’re sure newly-minted redhead Snooki could hardly contain her jealousy over Conan’s naturally auburn locks, it was clear that if he really wanted to get in with their crowd, he’d have to step up his lash game. In the clip, Conan becomes entranced by the girls’ falsies, which prompts Snooks to ask if they can slap some on his practically translucent lids. “You would look sexy!” Jenni coaxes. Conan caves as a result of the flattery, and allows the ladies do their thang, even admitting mid-application that he’s “becoming aroused!” As he bats the final product for the audience, the besties delight in his makeover. Andy’s not seeing it, though. “It looks like some goth butterflies have landed on your face,” he tells the ginger giant. Whatever, we think Coco’d be the prettiest belle at the Karma ball.

To see Conan’s guidette transformation, check out the interview!