Sizing up kitty junk or rubbing up on your date’s mom: which “fail” was the worst?

“If you’ve ever tweeted about lady boners, eaten raw meat or asked the Internet about plant sex, we are on to you.”

We’re ready as usual, Hasan Minhaj. When it came to the night’s biggest virtual blunder on “Failosophy,” there were some major contenders (18-year-old panelist Pete Davidson almost made the list for saying he tweeted through his first date). No worries, though, we made sure to do the necessary grunt work (watch TV) to narrow down the top three, and amid sex at a recycling facility and humble-bragging about infidelity, it certainly took some effort.

First, one person was particularly confused by feline anatomy, and polled a message board to ask why his cat’s…uhh, member?…was a little less impressive than his neighbor’s. Some things are better left unsaid, friend. Next, a young woman chronicled her first kiss. How sweet, right? Wrong. The haunted house where the smooch occurred was so dark that she accidentally wound up making out with an off-duty ghoul instead of her crush. Gross! Finally, one exceedingly brave lady admitted to playing footsie with her boyfriend through dinner, only to realize that the intimate touch was being used on his mother, instead. HEAD FOR THE HILLS.

Did one #FAIL leave you clutching your head in shame? Let us know in the comments below!