Six reasons to love ‘teen wolf’ newbie arden cho

When “Teen Wolf” returns tonight at 10e/7p (FINALLY!!!!!!) we’ll meet Beacon Hills High School’s newest transfer, Kira, played by the lovely Arden Cho. The actress first made a name for herself on “Pretty Little Liars,” and now, she’s spreading her wings into the supernatural world, helping to unlock the secrets of the Kitsune. So just how much do you know about Cho? We found her YouTube channel, and it gives a well-rounded picture of the thespian beauty. Whether she’s showing off her gymnastic skills or giving viewers a sweet look at her fluffball dog, it’s hard to peel your eyes away from Arden’s 175 vids. Noooo, we didn’t watch them ALL, but we sifted through enough to come up with six solid reasons to be OBSESSED with the new chick on the block. Check ‘em out:

She’s a triple threat.
We already knew that Arden’s a killer actress and martial arts superstar, but she also has a set of pipes on her! She frequently posts covers of pop songs to her channel, á la Ariana Grande. Check out this mellowed-out version of Taylor Swift‘s “22.”

Her dog is awesome.
You may remember Arden’s puppy, Chewy, from his co-starring role as Tyler Posey’s chin-licker, but if that wasn’t enough to turn you on to the furball, there’s so much more. Arden has an entire playlist devoted to her pup called “Chewy Time” and it’s EVERYTHING. This one of Chewy giving Arden a high-five is perfect for a dreary Monday pick-me-up!

She can do gymnastics.
So, about that martial arts experience… This vid documents one of Arden’s training sessions, and the bad-ass chica busts out a series of back handsprings worthy of the 2016 Olympic floor team. Check out her skills at the 1:21 mark!

She vlogs, and is so endearingly dorky about it.
She may be a rising star, but Cho is as down-to-earth as it gets. She’s an avid vlogger, updating the Interwebs with all sorts of info about her personal and professional life, including that time she took Chewy to get neutered…

She gives good advice.
Girl Code” alert! Arden’s got a series called “Ask Arden,” in which she takes fan questions about friendship, love and everything in between. Check out this clip to find out her thoughts on staying pals with an ex. Watch out, Nicole Byer, someone’s after your job!