Siesta surprise: why juliette’s first reaction to alex’s visit was a big ‘oh no’

Alex has a way with the Siesta Key ladies — but these days, the aspiring lawyer has his sights set on one girl. And they recently shared a kiss on a boat…

During this week’s episode, Alex surprised Juliette shortly after she returned to school in Tallahassee, catching her — plus her pal Hannah and their posse — off guard when he waltzed in.

“I just came up, it’s not that bad of a drive,” Alex told Juliette privately. “I figure, why not swing by.” And while he quickly caught on that his presence might “cause problems,” Juliette told him she was “happy” he was there.

But what was she really feeling?

“My reaction was, ‘Oh, no’ because I was still with Garrett,” Juliette recently told MTV News. “I was a little surprised. And I didn’t know how I was going to handle the situation, because he obviously came to see me, even though he claimed it was for Hannah. I honestly don’t think I handled it the best way. I’m tired of doing things for other people, and this time this is what I wanted. I followed my heart this season.”

Does her heart mean Alex? Or someone else? The only thing to be deduced, for now: Keep watching her story — and the rest of the SK gang — every Monday at 10e/7p!